16. November 2015


Minimum wage for humanoid robots

Berlin, 11 April 2016

Berlin robotics temporary employment agency enables cost effective and flexible production of goods with innovative Industry 4.0 concept.

Industrial production of small quantities no longer has to be expensive. Robozän™ GmbH i.G., the worldwide first temporary employment agency for robots has been offering a resource-efficient solution for companies since November 2015. “Through this new concept to make the working world more flexible, we contribute decisively to ensuring Europe as a production location and address the increasing individualisation of both products and numbers produced”.

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Let robots work for us !

Berlin, November 10, 2015

The worldwide first temporary employment company for humanoid robots


Robot pioneer and entrepreneur Matthias Krinke has founded the first staff and temporary employment company in the world for robots, especially for mankind-like (humanoid) robots. Robots have been previously been usually purchased or leased by their operators and installed at fixed work stations.  The robots have then spent their life separated by protective fencing right up to withdrawal from service.Robozän provides work for robots at industrial customers. Owners of robots can provide robots to the staff agency and then receive the salaries paid by the customers, after deduction of agencycommission and administration fees.
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Photos of Matthias Krinke and the workerbot3 in the press archive.